Latest Announcements

2017.04.12 - Image Hosting

Due to some technical issues with Imgur, the project has shifted image storage to a cloud storage service which will provide reliable, long-term storage at an inexpensive price. Images over 90 days old will be archived and there are about 50,000 images being transferred over.

2017.03.02 - Scouts' Log Integration

Scout's Log is now integrated with EyeWire! What does this mean? It means using browser extensions are a thing of the past as SL will load upon logging into EyeWire. This also opens up SL to other browsers and operating systems. Hooray!

2016.06.20 - Updates Behind the Scenes

A new version was released today to make some changes to the inner workings of the Scouts' Log application. This will allow future updates to be put in place much sooner and eliminate the need for updates to the browser extensions.

2016.04.29 - New Version Released!

After many months of hard work, feedback, and re-work, the 0.3.0 version has been released!

Have a look at the changelog to see all the new features.

Upgrade Now!

2016.03.14 - Upgrades

Thanks to the generosity of others, plus my own funding, the Scouts' Log service has been upgraded from a shared hosting server to a virtual private server. If all of that sounds like gibberish to you, it means the web server has more resources to handle a greater volume of requests and does so more efficiently.

Additionally, several changes were made in regards to the database to improve efficiency.

Happy Monday!

2016.02.25 - Web Site Updates

The web site has been simplified to provide various resources related to the Scouts' Log. All work now occurs through the browser extensions and not directly through the web site.

Additionally, site content is being made available in both English and Korean.