Change Log

Version 1.0.0

With the 0.3.0 release being very successful, the version has been changed to make it an official 1.0 release.!

With this, some minor changes were done under the hood to change how the application operates.

  • Application code has been unified to be browser independent
  • Browser extensions load application dynamically from the web site
  • Code updates take effect immediately without updating the browser extension
  • JavaScript and CSS files have been minified to reduce load times

Version 0.3.0

New Features

  • User Interface
    • Draggable window--click and drag the title bar to move
    • Resizable window--place your mouse along the right or bottom edges to resize
    • Navigate between different screens/windows you have viewed
    • Display a list of all windows you have viewed
    • If an error occurs while loading or submitting data, a message is now displayed
  • Floating Panel is Customizable
    • Use the EyeWire settings menu and scroll to the bottom turn on/off different buttons for the Scouts' Log
    • Your preferenes are saved on the individual computer you are using
    • Count indicators now update every 20 seconds instead of every 60 seconds
  • Log Entries
    • Cube details screen will automatically update every 15 seconds
    • When making a new entry, the current status will be copied for the new entry
    • Entries can now be edited--click the pencil icon next to your entry to edit
    • A checkmark icon will appear next to cubes where you have made a log entry
    • A magnifying glass icon will appear next to cubes you have placed on watch
  • New Cube Issue Indicator
    • An additional drop-down selection can be used to "tag" cubes with certain common issues.
    • This text is displayed next to the cube status in various screens
    • Cube listings allow this as a filter option in addition to status
  • Admins can now filter submission history by admin reaps
  • Cube jump buttons are now tied in directly to the feature within EyeWire--if you are inspecting or playing a cube, you will be prompted before jumping.


  • Fixed current cube detection code to prevent endless spinning icon when submitting
  • Detection of stashed cubes when viewing task details or creating a new entry
  • Wrong cell listed when making an entry for one cube while inspecting/playing a different cube.
  • Main window is hidden when clicking outside the window in the "shadow" portion.

Server Changes

  • Re-worked database schema to eliminate possibility of cell ID mismatches for log entries--no more stuck cubes/entries!
  • Optimized database queries to improve performance
  • Images older than 6 months are migrated to Imgur to save on server disk space

Version 0.2.11

Updated 2D axis labeling for image capture

Updated button icon for game tools area

Version 0.2.10

Patch version to fix 2D image capture after EyeWire update.

Version 0.2.9

Patch version to remove cube jump links in chat as this feature was added to the EyeWire game code.