Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Listed below are common questions asked about the Scouts' Log.

Who can use the Scouts' Log?

The Scouts' Log is available to EyeWire members who have been designated a scout, scythe, or admin. This site is not available for regular players.

Why do I have to authenticate?

The authentication process is used to grant the Scouts' Log application access to basic EyeWire account information which includes your username, assigned roles, and language preference.

Do I have to donate? What are the donations used for?

You are not required to donate anything to use the Scouts' Log.

All money donated is used to pay for the web hosting and domain registration for the site. Excess funds will sit in PayPal until the next hosting/domain payment is due.

Want to help out? Head over to the donations page.

Something isn't working right, who can I contact?

The Scouts' Log is maintained by a single person. Please e-mail Gary directly at

If you are testing one of the browser extensions, we have a Google Spreadsheet to track issues and request features.